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The Bugman’s Take on Cockroaches in Calgary

Key takeaways:

  • Cockroach infestations are a common problem in Calgary and can spread quickly if not treated promptly. Professional exterminators, like Bugman, offer effective treatment methods that include liquid sprays, baiting, and the use of Actisol machine pesticides.
  • Bugman’s approach includes a thorough inspection and a warranty for their treatment services. In addition to their expertise, they service a wide range of areas in Calgary.
  • DIY cockroach treatments may not be as effective as professional treatments and can result in limitations or risks. Fumigation is an option, but it can also come with risks and costs to consider.

Cockroach Infestations in Calgary

Cockroach Presence in Calgary: A Professional Insight

Calgary has been experiencing an uprising in Cockroach infestations. The issue has been spreading progressively, resulting in a distressing concern for the citizens. The infestations are a potential health hazard and can lead to massive economic losses.

These insidious creatures can survive for weeks without food or water and breed rapidly, popping up in large numbers within no time. Worryingly, they can easily infiltrate households, apartments, and commercial areas, making it challenging to keep them at bay. The situation requires immediate attention and intervention from pest control professionals to contain the overgrowing population.

Notably, Cockroaches are known for their adaptation techniques, which makes them highly resistant to common pesticides. Consequently, it is crucial to adopt informed and specific culling measures, which pest control experts can aptly execute. It is advisable to call an exterminator immediately after observing any Cockroach activity.

Pro Tip: Avoid providing the Cockroaches with hiding or breeding spots by maintaining cleanliness, sealing cracks, and properly storing food.

Professional Cockroach Exterminators

With the increasing presence of cockroaches in Calgary, it becomes crucial to eradicate them professionally to ensure complete removal. Expert cockroach exterminators employ a range of techniques and chemicals to eliminate cockroaches. They use eco-friendly solutions that are safe for humans and pets. Additionally, certified professionals offer post-treatment preventative measures to prevent future infestations. Remember, eliminating cockroaches is not a task for inexperienced individuals as it requires knowledge and expertise. Hire professional cockroach exterminators and ensure a cockroach-free environment.

Cockroach Treatment Procedures

Cockroach Control Measures – Eradicate Them from Your Premises

Need to get rid of cockroaches? Here is a simple three-step guide to eliminate them for good. Firstly, seal all entry points to stop their infestation. Secondly, use non-toxic cockroach baits and sprays for immediate control. Thirdly, perform a thorough cleaning of your premises to remove any food sources.

Furthermore, make sure to dispose of any food waste and keep your home clean to prevent any reinfestation. By following these cockroach treatment procedures, you can ensure a pest-free home for you and your loved ones.

Do not let cockroaches invade your space anymore. Act fast and get in touch with professional exterminators to take care of the situation. Don’t wait until it becomes a serious issue and risks your health. Contact them now.

DIY Cockroach Treatments

DIY Techniques to Eliminate Cockroach Infestation

Eliminating cockroaches through DIY methods can be economical and effective. Here are some easy-to-follow tips:

  • Seal off all entries: Ensure all cracks and crevices in your home are sealed to prevent cockroach entry.
  • Clean regularly: Wipe down cabinets, countertops, and floors properly to eliminate food debris that can attract cockroaches.
  • Boric acid traps: Create a trap by mixing boric acid with flour and sugar and placing it in areas where cockroaches are seen.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: Sprinkling this powder around infested areas can cause dehydration in cockroaches, eventually leading to their death.
  • Peppermint oil: A mixture of peppermint oil and water applied to cockroach infested areas can force the insects out of hiding.
  • Cucumber: Cockroaches have a natural aversion to cucumbers, so placing cucumber slices near their hiding places can drive them out or kill them.

Apart from the above techniques, it is advisable to keep your living space clean and reduce clutter. Also, disposing of garbage regularly and storing food in sealed containers can deter cockroaches.

Pro Tip: Always wear gloves while handling or applying any kind of insecticide, and follow instructions on the label carefully.


Cockroaches in Calgary require immediate eradication measures to be taken, and a viable solution is pest control fumigation. Fumigation entails the use of fumigants to eliminate pests in homes and buildings. This process is effective in penetrating hard-to-reach areas that may harbor cockroaches. Implementing fumigation as a control measure is necessary for the complete eradication of pests.

The fumigation process involves enclosing an area and introducing fumigants that act as toxicants. The fumigants spread throughout the area, killing pests in all life stages, including eggs. After fumigation, aeration must follow to eliminate any remaining toxicants that may be harmful to human health. Proper preparation of the area before fumigation ensures that the effectiveness of the procedure is not compromised.

It is essential to note that fumigation history dates back to ancient civilizations, who used fumigation as means to disinfect their houses and stores. This process became more popular in the 19th century, and advancements in technology have made fumigation more efficient and accessible today. Regular fumigation services help to prevent future infestations and ensure a healthier living environment.

Five Facts About Cockroaches in Calgary:

  • ✅ Cockroaches in Calgary do not pose a threat to the structure of your property because they do not nest in or chew through damaged wood. (Source: Bugman)
  • ✅ The primary concern with cockroaches in Calgary is the contamination of human and pet foods because they can spread germs and diseases as they travel. (Source: Bugman)
  • ✅ Bugman, a professional pest control company, offers cockroach treatment across the Fraser Valley, including Calgary. (Source: Bugman)
  • ✅ Bugman recommends a combination approach to cockroach treatment, which includes both liquid spray and bait methods. (Source: Bugman)
  • ✅ Cockroach treatments in Calgary often require more than one visit, with two required follow-up visits to ensure the population is eliminated. (Source: Bugman)

FAQs about Cockroaches In Calgary

What is a professional cockroaches exterminator?

A professional cockroaches exterminator is a pest control technician who specializes in identifying, treating, and preventing cockroach infestations. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to effectively eliminate cockroaches from homes and businesses.

How does Bugman treat cockroach infestations?

At Bugman, our technicians will conduct an inspection to determine the severity of the situation and the best course of action. We have a variety of treatment methods, including liquid spray and bait, which we often use in combination. We also use an Actisol machine to apply the correct pesticides deep in cracks and crevices of the structure, where cockroaches hide.

Does Bugman offer a warranty for cockroach treatment?

Cockroach treatments are challenging and require effort on the homeowner’s part. However, at Bugman, we include a 3-month warranty if all preparation and procedures are followed. This warranty includes two follow-ups, and one additional follow-up if needed.

What are the treatment methods Bugman uses for cockroach infestations?

At Bugman, we use a mixed-methods approach, including baiting and liquid spray, to increase the effectiveness of our treatment. The liquid spray is fast-acting and can eliminate a high number of cockroaches right away, while baiting takes advantage of a cockroach’s favorite activity, eating. We also use an Actisol machine to apply pesticides deep into cracks and crevices of the structure.

Can I try a DIY cockroach treatment for a mild infestation?

For new or very mild infestations, a DIY treatment might be possible. Nontoxic glue boards can be a great monitoring tool to find cockroaches and narrow in on the colony, and over-the-counter pesticides can be used when a colony is located. However, most over-the-counter pesticides do not have a long residual life, and failing to keep up with the treatment may allow the cockroaches time to reproduce. It is best to call a professional pest control company before the infestation worsens.

Does Bugman offer fumigation services for cockroach infestations?

No, at Bugman, we do not offer full-blown fumigation services for cockroach infestations. Fumigation can cost thousands of dollars and require the use of dangerous pesticides. We use a variety of treatment methods, including liquid spray and bait, to effectively eliminate cockroaches.