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Professional Spider Exterminator in Canada

Spiders in Canada
Size:Most spiders are black, brown, or grey
Colour:In Canada, spiders usually range from 3 mm – 8mm
Shape:Two body segments, 3-4 pairs of eyes, eight legs, and body segments. Spiders do not have wings.

The Bugman’s Proactive Spider Treatment

What Does Bugman Do?

We understand the resilience of spiders, one of the most challenging pests to eliminate. They infiltrate homes or businesses through the tiniest openings, often leaving the occupants feeling overwhelmed by their persistent presence.

Our expert technicians don’t merely treat the symptoms; they go straight for the cause. They apply comprehensive treatments to both the interior and exterior of your premises, focusing on cracks, crevices, and known spider hotspots like crawlspaces and attics. Our team also identifies and treats areas with spider webbing, removing the webs when necessary.

Spiders Treatments

Are Spiders a Threat?

While spiders typically don’t pose a significant health risk and even help control other pests, certain species native to Canada carry harmful venom. The presence of a couple of spiders might not be cause for alarm, but a full-blown infestation requires immediate attention from the specialists at The Bugman.

Why Trust The Bugman Pest Control?

We bring over three decades of experience to the table, and we’re committed to chasing spiders out of your home or business space. Our services come with a 6-month warranty at affordable rates, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

The Bugman’s Warranty

We provide a 6-month warranty with our spider service, recognizing that infestations can sometimes be larger than anticipated. Our commitment is to guarantee your living or working environment remains spider-free.

Where We Operate

Our spider treatment services extend across Canada.

Don’t wait for an infestation to take hold. Reach out to The Bugman at 604-854-2847 and keep the spiders at bay.

Identifying Spiders

The most common spiders in Canada include jumping spiders, wolf spiders, cellar spiders, house spiders, garden spiders, and fishing spiders.

Jumping Spiders

Colour: Black, brown, tan, or grey
Size: 4mm – 20 mm
Body: Hairy, 4 large eyes.

Wolf Spiders

Colour: Brown, orange, grey or black
Size: Up to 35 mm
Body: Hairy, 8 eyes

Cellar Spiders

Colour: Yellow, grey, or a light tan colour
Size: 2 to 8 mm body
Body: Legs up to 50 mm
fishing spider 2
Fishing Spider
Garden spider 2
Garden Spider
House Spider 2
House Spider
Jumping 2
Jumping Spider
Hobo Spider
Hobo Spider
Black Widow Spider
Black Widow

House Spiders

Colour: Brown & tan
Size: 3 mm – 8 mm
Body: Comb-like hairs on the legs.

Garden Spiders

Colour: Grey, brown, or reddish-brown
Size: Females: 19-28 mm, Males: 5-8 mm
Body: Hairy, 8 eyes

Fishing Spiders

Colour: Brown or grey
Size: 7 mm – 20 mm
Body: 2 rows of eyes

Identifying Hazardous Spiders in BC

Black Widow

Size: Adult males are around 6 to 7 mm long (not including the legs) and females are double the size, measuring 12 to 14 mm long.

Colour: Male and female black widows are dark black. The females have red markings on the underbelly whereas males have yellow, red, and white markings on their backs.

Habitat: Black widows prefer a dry, warm habitat that is dark and sheltered. When seen they are usually in wood, trash, or rock piles, in garages or barbecue grills, and around swimming pools.

Concerns: The venom of a black widow spider is a neurotoxin that affects the nervous system, causing symptoms, such as abdominal and chest pain, difficulty breathing, nausea, chills, swelling, sweating, weakness, and fever.

Fortunately, a black widow spider is not aggressive and will only bite when it feels threatened, or after laying eggs. If you do get bitten by a black widow spider, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Spiders - Black Widow

Instead of risking your health trying to swat a black widow spider, call The Bugman at 604-854-2847 and we’ll send one of our experienced technicians to take care of the infestation.

Hobo Spider

Size: Adult males are around 7 to 13 mm long (not including the legs) and females are 9.5 to 16 mm long.

Colour: Male and female hobo spiders are brown, though they can be a variety of shades.

Habitat: Hobo spiders reside in areas that are dark and moist that contain holes, cracks, and crevices that they can build webs inside of. They are poor climbers so are usually found on the ground level.

Concerns: The venom of a hobo spider was once considered to be highly dangerous, due to evidence indicating it could cause necrotic lesions. However, in 2015 hobo spiders were removed from the list of dangerous spiders after new research indicated the venom would not cause more than mild pain and redness. This spider is no longer considered to be a medical threat.

Behaviour: Hobo spiders are not considered to be aggressive, but they will bite if they feel threatened.

Spiders - Hobo Spider

Don’t spend your days getting bitten by a hobo spider, call The Bugman at 604-854-2847 and we’ll send one of our experienced technicians to take care of the infestation.

More Information About Spiders!

Spiders are nearsighted! Most spiders have eight eyes, but only a few are used for creating images. The other eyes are used to detect light and shadows.

All spiders are able to produce silk, but not all spiders create webs. Webs are made of silk and are used for catching prey and making a shelter, but silk can also be used for creating egg sacs and transportation lines.

Spiders can be beneficial to the environment, as they regularly catch and consume nuisance pests, including mosquitos.


Female spiders can lay upwards of 4000 eggs in their lifetime and will generally protect the eggs with a silk bed

spider silk

Most spiders are considered to be carnivores, with the exception of a few. Many will even cannibalize members of their own species.

Spiders are cold-blooded and are therefore able to survive the winter. Some species will hibernate during the colder months, while others will enter a state of diapause and remain only mildly active.

Contact The Bugman for Professional Spider Exterminator in Canada

If you’re finding webs in every corner of your home, it’s time to contact The Bugman. Our team of trained technicians provides safe and effective spider control across Canada and its surrounding areas.

The first sign of a spider infestation is typically the presence of webs. Black widow spiders, for instance, create messy, irregularly-shaped webs often found under furniture or room corners. To prevent an infestation, enhance your home’s sanitation and remove potential hiding places such as wood piles and debris.

The Bugman is here to help, offering professional, reliable spider control services. Call us today at 604-854-2847, and say goodbye to your spider worries once and for all.