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Professional Stink Bugs Exterminator in Canada

stink bug
Size:12-20 mm once they’re adults
Colour:Green, brown, or grey, depending on the specific species
Shape:Very distinct shield-like shape

The Nuisance of Stink Bugs Infestations

The essence of their moniker, stink bugs, comes from the strong odor they emit when disturbed or threatened. This scent can linger for an extended period, lasting up to 3 hours, making your premises incredibly uncomfortable, particularly when numerous bugs emit the odor simultaneously.

The best approach to stink bug control involves prevention. Our trained technicians recommend interior spraying of your property before the bugs manage to infiltrate indoors. Once inside, these pests present a more complex problem to handle.

Stink Bugs on Building

Why Are Stink Bugs Invading Your House?

As the weather cools, stink bug search for an overwintering spot to survive until the spring. They are drawn towards light, so leaving your porch light on might inadvertently guide them to your home. Owing to their flat bodies, they easily slip into your house through small openings in doors, screens, and windows.

The Damages Stink Bugs Can Cause

Primarily, stink bugs are nuisance pests. Their presence in your house doesn’t threaten its structure, nor do they carry diseases. However, the main issue with these insects is their smell, which intensifies and attracts more bugs when they feel threatened.

But for those cultivating fruits or vegetables, stink-bug pose a more significant problem. Certain species, such as brown marmorated stink bug, feed on various fruits and plants including berries, Asian pears, chokecherries, grapes, and even vegetables and ornamental plants.

Stink bugs on fruit
Stink bugs on leaf

Do Stink Bugs Leave on Their Own?

Stink bugs prefer outdoor environments, so when the weather begins to warm up with the arrival of spring, they typically migrate outside. However, if a stink bug has selected your house for its winter retreat, it releases a scent that attracts other stink bugs, leading to an unwelcome winter congregation.

The Bugman’s Effective Stink Bug Treatments

What Does The Bugman Team Do?

Our technicians will apply a mist to the exterior of your house with a focus on windows and the sides that receive the most sunlight. On the interior, we will treat all levels of the home around the baseboards, windows, door frames, crawlspaces, attics, and anywhere else you are noticing bugs.

Why Should You Choose The Bugman Pest Control?

With over 30 years of experience in handling stink bug infestations, we stand as a leading authority in the industry. Our rates are affordable and include two follow-ups, ensuring your home stays stink bug-free long after our treatment.

Where Do We Offer Our Services?

We provide our effective stink bug treatments throughout Canada.

Don’t let stink bugs turn your home into their winter resort. If you spot them outside, get in touch with The Bugman Pest Control immediately at 604-854-2847. We are dedicated to preventing them from invading your living space and making it their own.