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Professional Cockroaches Exterminator in Canada

German cockroach
Size:They can grow up to 2 inches!
Colour:Tan or light brown
Shape:Wide, long body with long antennae & 6 legs

Cockroach Treatment

What Does Bugman Do?

Our team of specialists will carry out a thorough inspection to assess the extent of the cockroach infestation and decide the most effective approach to eliminate them from your home. We utilize an assortment of treatment techniques, which include the use of a liquid spray and bait. Both of these methods are highly effective and are frequently combined for best results. For further details, please refer to our treatment methods section below!

Additionally, we employ an Actisol machine to administer the appropriate pesticides into hard-to-reach areas like cracks and crevices within the structure, which conventional methods fail to access. When selecting a professional pest control service, it’s essential to inquire if they have an Actisol machine at their disposal, as this equipment can drastically reduce the time it takes to handle a cockroach infestation.

Will Cockroaches Cause Damage?

Cockroaches don’t jeopardize the structural integrity of your property as they neither nest in nor gnaw through decayed wood. However, the principal concern regarding cockroaches lies in their potential to contaminate human and pet foods. As they traverse through your home, they can disperse germs and diseases, posing a significant health risk.

Does Bugman Offer a Warranty?

Cockroach extermination presents a unique challenge when it comes to offering warranties due to the substantial homeowner participation necessary to ensure an effective treatment. Provided that all preparations and procedures are duly adhered to, we offer a 3-month warranty. This warranty covers two mandatory follow-ups, as well as a third follow-up if required. A small number of clients require this third visit, and an even smaller subset needs further services. However, certain regions are more susceptible to cockroach infestations. If your residence is located in such an area, a preventive service may be essential to thwart potential re-infestations.

Why Choose Bugman?

We have 30 years of experience in fighting cockroaches, we have technicians local to you, and we have multiple treatment options to ensure a job well done.

Where Does Bugman Service?

We provide cockroach treatment services throughout Canada.

Don’t wait for the Cockroaches to invade your space, if you notice them, give Bugman a call at 604-854-2847, and we’ll help to prevent them from taking over your house.

Cockroach Treatments

Treatment Procedures

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Step 1: Consultation – During the consultation, our technician will evaluate the situation to determine how severe your infestation is. The technician will also develop a treatment plan suitable for your situation.

Step 2: Preparation – We will email you a copy of our preparation guidelines, and book your initial visit. Following the preparation, procedures are integral to getting control of a population.

Step 3: Initial Treatment – During this visit, we will treat all the cracks and crevices where cockroaches might be hiding. We may also use sugar or protein-based bait in hard-to-reach areas to further target the population.

Step 4: Watch & Wait – This is the hardest step of them all.

After the initial treatment, you may see an increase in cockroaches. This is completely normal and is a result of their reproductive and eating habits. Additionally, the spray may flush cockroaches out of hiding, but they will die shortly after. As adult cockroaches die, the younger ones have more access to food, which is why we use cockroach bait, this will continue to reduce the population. However, cockroach treatments require more than one visit, we will also complete two follow-ups:

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Step 5: Follow-Up 1 – Three weeks after the initial treatment is completed, we will do a follow-up, during which we will inspect the situation and re-treat where necessary. This follow-up is critical to eliminating the population. Missing this visit will void your warranty because it will allow the cockroaches enough time to begin reproducing.

Step 6: Follow-Up 2 – Seven weeks after the initial treatment (one month after follow-up 1) we will complete another follow-up. The procedure for this follow-up is the same as Step 5, and it is just as important to eliminate the population. Missing this appointment will allow the population to redevelop, and will void your warranty.

Treatment Methods

Baiting: This method can significantly reduce the population by taking advantage of a cockroach’s favorite activity, eating! Cockroaches are always looking for food, so using bait can be a very effective method of reducing the population.

Liquid Spray: This method is very fast-acting, and can eliminate a high number of cockroaches right away. The pesticide we use will last on surfaces for up to 5 months, which makes it a very effective method. Additionally, we have a special piece of equipment that lets us spray the pesticide deep into the cracks and crevices that cockroaches like to hide inside.

We generally use a mixed-methods approach, utilizing bait and a liquid spray to increase the effectiveness of our treatment.

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DIY Cockroach Treatments

For new or very mild infestations, a DIY treatment might be possible. The trickiest part of resolving a cockroach problem is finding where the roaches are hiding and laying eggs, and they are often better at hiding than most are at finding them.

Nontoxic glue boards can be a great monitoring tool to find cockroaches and narrow in on the colony, and over-the-counter pesticides can be used when a colony is located. Unfortunately, most over-the-counter pesticides do not have a very long residual life, and failing to keep up with the treatment may allow the cockroaches time to reproduce.

To avoid sharing your home with cockroaches it is best to call a professional pest control company before the infestation worsens so that we can kick them out of your house.


If you’ve watched any pest control shows on TV, you’ve likely seen exterminators tenting off an entire home and filling them with gas to kill any and all pests inside of a structure. Full-blown fumigation can cost thousands of dollars and requires the use of dangerous pesticides

At The Bugman, this is not a service that we offer. Instead, our highly trained technicians will offer precision treatments directly to the areas we have discovered cockroaches, using pesticides that are safe for you and your family but toxic to the pests.

German Cockroach Life Cycle

German cockroaches develop faster than any other cockroach species in Canada. They can reach adulthood in as little as 10 weeks and will live for 30-35 weeks. During their lifespan, females can produce up to 350 eggs

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German cockroaches lay eggs into a capsule called an Ootheca, which can hold up to 48 eggs. The capsules are shaped like a bean and are attached to the female cockroach. Approximately one day before the eggs are ready to hatch, the female will detach herself from the ootheca in a suitable location, and glue it to the surface. Within a few days, the nymphs will emerge from the capsule and begin their development.


Nymphs look similar to an adult cockroach, the main differences being their smaller size, and their lack of wings. Once a nymph emerges from the ootheca, it will start to look for food. Each nymph will molt approximately 6 times as they grow, and after their final shedding, they will emerge with wings.


Once German cockroaches are fully developed, they will be approximately 16mm, and will have two pairs of wings. They typically live for 20 to 30 weeks, but without water will die within two weeks. However, they can live up to 1 month without food.

More Information on Cockroaches

The German cockroach is the most common species in British Columbia. Cockroach infestations are commonly found anywhere food is stored, notably in kitchens, but also in bathrooms due to moisture.

Why do I have Cockroaches?

Cockroaches can be brought into your home in a variety of ways. They can crawl through small holes or cracks around the property, or they can be brought in on shipments, suitcases, containers, bags and etc. Once inside, cockroaches will decide whether your home is suitable for them, and some of the reasons they choose to stay include:

Dirty dishes on countertops, accessible pet food, garbage or compost, crumbs on the floor, leftover food in containers, standing water, and leaky pipes.

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Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

Live Roaches – Cockroaches are not solitary creatures, if you see one, there is likely to be more.

Droppings – If you’re noticing small black specs around your house, it could be cockroach droppings. Roach droppings are less than 1mm wide and look like ground coffee.

Shed Skin – If you think you have cockroaches, you can look to see if there are any shed skins in the areas you suspect there is activity. Cockroaches will shed up to 8 times as they grow from nymph to adult.

Musty Smell – Cockroaches produce a pheromone when they defecate, which informs their friends that they’ve found a nice home and that everyone should join. 

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image 18
German Cockroach Ootheca

Egg Capsules (Ootheca)– Cockroaches lay their eggs in a capsule, which they will drop at various times, depending on the species. German cockroaches drop the ootheca just before the eggs are ready to hatch. If you see an egg capsule, you’re about to gain up to 48 new roommates, and we recommend calling pest control right away.

Smear Marks – You may see smear marks along baseboards if cockroaches find standing water, caused by their bodies as they crawl or rest.

German Cockroach Habitat

German cockroaches like areas that are dark, warm, and humid, so common areas to find them include bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. More specifically, they may be hiding under sinks, dishwashers, false ceilings, behind fridges or stoves, and anywhere that may have water or a leaky pipe.

Do Cockroaches Bite?

Cockroaches will bite you if necessary.

However, unlike fleas, mosquitoes, and flies, cockroaches do not need to bite people to complete their life cycle. Cockroach bites are uncommon and only occur when populations outgrow the usual food sources, forcing these crawling insects to find alternative sources of nourishment.

If you do get bit, the spot will be very small and red, and may eventually form a scab. Fortunately, there is no empirical evidence that cockroaches transmit diseases through bites.

Health Concerns

Cockroaches are likely to contaminate food and beverages, carrying the majority of the major food poisoning organisms in their gut, which raises concerns about the safety of foods. When an infestation is discovered at a food establishment, it is critical to eliminate the population and thoroughly clean the premises to remove any health concerns.

If a cockroach infestation is not addressed, and you are subject to prolonged exposure, it is possible to develop an allergic reaction or a serious respiratory condition.

If you have cockroaches, don’t put your health at risk by letting the infestation get out of hand, call Bugman today and we’ll schedule treatment right away.