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Professional Beetle Exterminator in Canada

Shape:The defining attribute of a beetle is its hardened pair of front wing cases. Beetles come in many shapes and sizes

Comprehensive Beetle Treatment by The Bugman

What Does Bugman Do?

Often, beetles are simply a minor inconvenience, and removal isn’t always the immediate need. However, when the time arrives to bid these pests goodbye, we’re just a phone call away. Our professional exterminators apply a thorough approach to beetle treatment, ensuring both the inside and outside of your home are tended to, thereby preventing future beetle incursions.

The Impact of Beetles on Your Property

Typically, beetles do not directly threaten your property’s structural integrity. Their primary offense is often being an annoying pest that could spoil food items, while certain species might possess a painful bite. However, any discomfort or potential damage is not to be dismissed lightly.

Why Trust The Bugman for Beetle Control?

Our extensive experience of over 30 years in keeping homes beetle-free speaks for itself. Coupled with our competitively priced rates and our reassuring 6-month warranty, choosing The Bugman Pest Control becomes the logical choice for beetle treatment.

The Bugman’s Unwavering Warranty

Our comprehensive beetle treatment comes with an extensive 6-month warranty. This coverage includes all necessary follow-ups, reinforcing our commitment to maintaining a beetle-free environment in your home.

Serving All Across Canada

Our services are not limited by location. We proudly offer our beetle treatment to all corners of Canada. At the first sign of beetles, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Bugman at 604-854-2847, and let us help prevent these pests from taking over your home.

Dive Deeper into the Beetle World

Beetles belong to the insect order Coleoptera, characterized by a hardened pair of front wing cases. These creatures come in a diverse array of shapes, sizes, and colours. From long and slender to oval-shaped variants, they usually possess six legs.

In British Columbia, we frequently encounter Carpet Beetles, Drugstore Beetles, Pine Beetles, Weevils, and the Asian Multicoloured lady beetle (often mistaken for ladybugs). You may even spot the iconic Volkswagen Beetles, proudly displaying our Bugman logos throughout the valley!

Preventative Measures against Beetle Invasion

If beetles haven’t yet infiltrated your home, but you’re keen on keeping them at bay, contact The Bugman at 604-854-2847. We’ll promptly spray all beetle-prone zones, including the exterior boundary of your home and any potential entry points such as cracks or crevices, ensuring beetles keep their distance from you and your family.

Early spring, just before the temperature begins to rise, is the most effective time for preventative sprays, as beetles tend to become active with the warmth of the sun.

Do Beetles Pose a Threat?

While most beetles possess mandibles and can bite, the severity and pain associated with a beetle’s bite is largely dependent on the species. Irrespective of how or why these pests gained entry into your home, give The Bugman a call at 604-854-2847, and we’ll swiftly handle their removal. Your comfort and safety are our priority.