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Bryce Clark

Bryce has always possessed a keen sense for business. His academic journey took him to the University of The Fraser Valley, where he further developed his business acumen and prepared for the road ahead. At the age of 17, Bryce embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that would come to define his professional career. At The Bugman Pest Control, Bryce not only demonstrated his innovative spirit but also his tenacity and dedication. He didn't stop at owning the business; he went the extra mile to become a licensed pest control technician, ensuring he could provide the best service to his clientele. At The Bugman, Bryce focuses on expanding his Knowledge of Bed Bugs. Bryce's life extends beyond the realm of business and pest control. He is an avid adventurer with a passion for skiing, traveling, and mountain biking. The mountains call to him, not only in the winter when he's skiing down their slopes, but also during warmer months when he's exploring trails on his mountain bike. Bryce also has a passion for exploring new horizons. Traveling not only allows him to satiate his wanderlust but also gives him a broader perspective on life and business. Despite his achievements, Bryce remains forward-looking. His dreams continue to evolve, and his ambitions continue to grow. Whether in business, sport, or personal growth, he is a figure who embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, a love for adventure, and a dedication to continuous improvement.