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Bed Bug Prevention Treatments

At The Bugman Pest Control, we offer unparalleled bed bug preventative treatment that serves as an impenetrable shield for your residence or business, curtailing the proliferation of these annoying intruders.

An infestation of bed bugs can escalate rapidly, leading to anxiety and discomfort. It’s imperative to act proactively. Don’t wait for an infestation; reach out to The Bugman Pest Control at 604-854-2847 to formulate a bespoke bed bug prevention treatment plan!

Our Comprehensive Prevention Plan

Our bed bug preventative treatment strategy incorporates four meticulous Aprehend treatments administered quarterly to your home or commercial facility. Each treatment procedure ensures that the pesticide is uniformly distributed along the interior boundaries of your property, reaching every room on every level, with a specific emphasis on baseboards.

In addition, we ensure the areas around beds and bedframes, couches, and chairs the typical hotspots of infestation receive rigorous treatment. Each treatment is coupled with a thorough inspection to assure that no infestation has occurred.

The Rationale Behind Quarterly Treatments

The pesticide we utilize is tremendously effective against bed bugs, but its efficacy on surfaces is limited to 90 days. Therefore, to maintain continuous protection for your home or business, re-treatment is carried out every three months.

One-time Bed Bug Preventative Treatment: A Valid Option!

Are you expecting guests or planning a trip and concerned about bed bugs infiltrating your residence? Rest easy. We can carry out a single preventative treatment that provides 90 days of assured protection. Any bed bugs that venture into your treated home within this period are destined to perish shortly thereafter.

Ensure a stress-free living environment devoid of bed bug worries. Book your preventative spray today!

Does This Guarantee a Bedbug-Free Existence?
Bed Bug Preventative Treatment image

Although we can’t entirely prevent bed bugs from making an initial appearance, our treatment plan ensures they won’t be able to establish a lasting presence. Any bed bugs that dare to enter your protected premises will die within 10 days of coming into contact with our pesticide.

Our bed bug preventative treatment plan assures that your home or business won’t succumb to a bed bug infestation. It takes around 35-40 days for a bed bug to reach the reproductive stage. Our treatment ensures they won’t get that chance.

The Ideal Candidates for Our Bed Bug Prevention Plan

Any business susceptible to an infestation, including hotels, Airbnb properties, daycare centers, theaters, and other high-traffic venues, can greatly benefit from our prevention plan. It is also recommended for homeowners who travel frequently or anyone seeking tranquility of mind.

The Bugman Guarantee

With The Bugman Pest Control, you’re assured of our absolute guarantee that your property will remain free from a bedbug infestation. In the rare event that a bedbug manages to resist our pesticide and triggers an infestation, we will promptly perform a heat treatment.

Yes, it’s as promising as it sounds! Our assurance comes with a single condition: ensure your quarterly visits are maintained. If you miss a visit, the guarantee becomes void for that quarter.

Bed Bug Preventative Treatment guarantee

Pricing Structure

The cost of our bed bug preventative treatment ranges from $200-$400 per visit, translating to an annual cost of $800-$1600, determined by the size of your property.

Is it worth it? Considering the cost of resolving a bed bug infestation caught early can escalate up to $2000 and an advanced infestation could cost up to $4000, our bed bug preventative treatment plan is a prudent and cost-effective choice.

If you are ready to secure your property from bed bugs, don’t hesitate. Contact The Bugman Pest Control at 604-854-2847 today, and we’ll ensure bed bugs remain the least of your worries.