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A bed bug crawling on a piece of cloth in Calgary.

Bed Bug Control in Calgary

Learn more about bed bugs, what they do, what to do with them below! If you are looking for expert bed bug control in Calgary we are here to help!

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Quick Bed Bug Facts

  • Bed bugs are small, flat insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They are often found in mattresses, bedding, and furniture.
  • Signs of bed bug infestation include itchy bite marks, small blood stains on bedding, and the presence of live or dead bugs.
  • Bed bugs are dangerous because their bites can cause severe itching and allergic reactions. They can also quickly infest a home or building, making eradication difficult without professional help.

Bed Bugs in Calgary

The onset of bed bugs in Calgary has escalated in recent years. These parasitic insects have become a problem for homeowners and renters alike. Bed bugs are known to feed on human blood and can cause severe skin irritation. The increase in bed bug infestations creates a need for effective solutions to eradicate the problem. This article aims to provide insights into the issues surrounding bed bugs in Calgary and possible solutions.

Bed bugs are difficult to detect and control, and they often spread rapidly causing sleepless nights and anxiety for their hosts. The problem has prompted authorities to take measures to control and manage the infestations. Despite efforts to control bed bugs effectively, the problem persists, especially in high-risk areas such as hotels, college dorms, and apartment buildings. It is vital to understand the biology, behaviour, and habits of bed bugs to curb their spread.

One aspect that has often been overlooked is the role that residents play in the infestation. Without proper education and awareness, residents may unknowingly contribute to the spread of bed bugs. For example, second-hand furniture, clothing or luggage can harbour bed bugs and initiate an infestation. Additionally, residents may carry bed bugs from one location to another, making it difficult to break the cycle of infestation.

Calgary has a history of bed bug outbreaks, with the city recording its first significant infestation in the early 2000s. The problem has persisted over the years, with cases increasing steadily. This underscores the need for effective solutions to manage the problem. With proper education, awareness, and effective control measures, it is possible to curb bed bug infestations in Calgary.

What are Bed Bugs?

After dealing with what seemed like endless bug bites, I finally discovered that I had a bed bug infestation. However, I wasn’t alone as bed bugs are becoming an increasingly common problem in many cities, including Calgary. So, what exactly are bed bugs? To put it simply, they are tiny blood-sucking insects that typically feed on human blood at night. In this section, I will share some facts about the physical characteristics of bed bugs, and how to identify signs of bed bug infestation. Knowing these details can help you combat bed bug problems in your home before they escalate.

Physical Characteristics of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have unique physical characteristics that distinguish them from other pests. These insects are oval-shaped, flat, and have no wings. Being about 5-7mm long, bed bugs are recognizable by their reddish-brown coloration. They have six legs with small and flat bodies that allow them to hide in tight spaces such as crevices and cracks in the walls, mattresses, and furniture.

The body structure of bed bugs enables them to move swiftly across surfaces such as fabric without detection. Bed bugs’ flat shape also makes it easy for them to stick tightly onto human clothing or luggage for easy transportation. Another physical characteristic that makes bed bugs recognizable is their segmented abdomen that expands when they take a blood meal.

Bed bugs don’t carry pathogens but can cause itching bites and trigger allergic reactions on some individuals. Their bite marks appear as flat or raised welts with redness and inflammation.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to act on a bed bug infestation. Schedule an appointment with a reliable pest control company like The Bugman Pest Control immediately for comprehensive inspection and eradication services. Protect yourself, your family members, employees, and clients from the bed bug menace today!

Don’t let the bed bugs bite…but if they do, here are the signs you need to look out for.

Signs of Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed Bug Infestation Signs are crucial in identifying whether or not bed bugs are present in a property. Here are some important points to note:

  • Presence of blood stains on sheets and pillowcases
  • Excrement of bed bugs usually found on cracks and crevices, such as mattresses, couches, curtains and walls.
  • Distinct smell caused by bed bug pheromone can be smelt around an infested area
  • Shed skins from molting bed bugs that can be located in areas such as corners, under furniture or inside electrical outlets.
  • Bites that leave clustered itchy spots may also be a sign of bed bug presence.
  • Small creams coloured eggs or eggshells may also be visible to the naked eye if inspected carefully.

It’s important to address signs of Bed Bug Infestation immediately before the problem gets worse. The Bugman Pest Control offers quality services to exterminate these pests by following a few recommended steps.

  1. The company performs a full home inspection up-close to identify any infected areas.
  2. Then, using their heat treatment method, The Bugman Pest Control eliminates all the bed bugs and their eggs with no use of chemicals or toxic methods.

To prevent infestations from Bed Bugs, one can take measures accordingly such as washing linen regularly with hot water above 60°C and drying them appropriately. Second is keeping a clean environment for hygiene purposes since scraps often attract bedbugs. Also, ensuring visitors to your property do not come in with items from other infested areas help significantly reduce chances of an infestation starting.

Bed bugs might not kill you, but they’ll make you wish they did.

Why are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Bed bugs pose several health and safety risks, making them a dangerous infestation. Their bites can cause itching, allergic reactions, and secondary infections. Bed bugs can also cause psychological distress and insomnia, leading to a decline in mental health and productivity. Furthermore, they are difficult to eradicate and can spread easily, making them a threat to public health. It is crucial to identify and address bed bug infestations promptly to prevent further harm. Understanding why bed bugs are dangerous is crucial in effective pest control.

What to Do if You Have Bed Bugs


As someone who has had their fair share of experience with bed bugs, I can confidently say that it’s not something you want to mess around with. If you do find yourself with a bed bug infestation, there are several important steps you need to take.

  1. First, it’s crucial to confirm that the pests you’ve found are indeed bed bugs. If they are, you’ll want to call in an expert bed bug exterminator right away.
  2. In the meantime, there are some steps you can take to limit the spread of bed bugs, such as moving furniture away from walls, vacuuming floors and upholstery, and washing all fabrics.

Confirm the Type of Pest Found

To ensure proper pest control, it is crucial to identify and confirm the type of pest found. This step is important as different types of pests require different treatment methods.

  • Check for physical characteristics such as size, color, shape, and number of legs.
  • Inspect the environment to identify any signs of infestation such as excrement or shed skins.
  • Use a magnifying glass to examine the pests closely for accurate identification.
  • Consult with a professional exterminator who has experience in identifying pests.
  • If possible, capture a specimen to bring to an expert for identification and confirmation.

It is essential not to jump into treatment before accurately identifying the type of pest. Misidentifying the pest could result in ineffective treatments and prolonged infestation.

In addition to confirming the type of pest found, it is crucial to conduct a full home inspection. This step will help determine the extent and severity of the infestation, allowing for more effective treatment planning.

Bed bugs can be challenging pests to eradicate completely. Professional bed bug exterminators like The Bugman Pest Control use comprehensive treatment methods that include full home inspections, heat treatments, and follow-up visits. By following these steps and utilizing professional assistance when needed, one can effectively eliminate bed bugs from their home or business.

Don’t try to DIY bed bug extermination, unless you want to end up with a horror story worthy of Stephen King.

Call an Expert Bed Bug Exterminator

When facing a bed bug infestation, it is important to seek professional help from an expert bed bug exterminator. These pests are difficult to eliminate, and attempting to do so oneself can result in ineffective treatment and further spreading of the infestation.

An expert bed bug exterminator should be called immediately upon discovering signs of bed bugs, such as spotting live insects or blood spots on bedding. Delaying action can cause the infestation to spread throughout a property, making it more difficult and expensive to eradicate.

In addition to calling an expert bed bug exterminator, it is also important to prepare the affected area for treatment by moving furniture away from walls and emptying drawers. This allows the exterminator to effectively treat all areas where bed bugs may be hiding.

Furthermore, vacuuming floors and upholstery along with washing all fabrics can aid in reducing the number of live bed bugs present upon treatment. These steps help in making the elimination process easier and effective.

Overall, seeking professional assistance from an expert bed bug exterminator is crucial in eradicating a bed bug infestation effectively. Taking immediate action and adequately preparing the affected area for treatment can make all the difference in making sure that these pests are eliminated completely.

Pushing furniture away from walls also pushes bed bugs away from hiding spots – it’s like a game of musical chairs, but with pests.

Move Furniture Away from Walls

The appropriate procedure to displace furniture away from walls is vital in bed bug control. Here’s how you can accomplish that successfully:

  1. Start by examining the area around the infested spot and determine which furnishings need to be moved. This may include sofas, chairs, dressers, and the bed itself.
  2. Carefully remove all items from their position and place them in another area. Using a white cloth or sheet beneath each object will help keep things clean while being handled.
  3. You should clean your wall surfaces before relocating your belongings to avoid spreading any pests elsewhere during transfer. Use an approved cleaner for this purpose.
  4. If it is not possible to relocate these objects outside of the location with the bed bugs infestation or into another room, then simply leave them at least six inches from the walls once relocated back inside this space.

It is vital to identify anything tiny hiding in furniture corners if you are attempting DIY remedies for bed bugs. When removing clothes and furniture from infested areas, you must take care not to transport these bugs inadvertently. Therefore, using a white cloth during transfer ensures visibility of any such tiny bugs that may be hiding.

Keep in mind that leaving furnishings too close together can make inspecting those objects unnecessarily tricky when there is a Bed Bug infestation. It may allow Bedbugs to hide between objects without detection for longer periods of time.

To eliminate Bed Bugs completely, it’s critical that all hiding spaces used by Bed Bugs are treated properly as well as all other proactive remedies employed by experts like The Bugman Pest Control who use only controlled heat treatment methods for complete eradication rather than harmful chemical agents and sprays.

Time to strip down and get rid of those bed bug infested linens and drawers – who needs clothes anyways?

Empty Drawers and Remove Bed Linens

Before treating bed bug infestation, it is essential to remove their hiding spots and clear the areas that receive the most contact. One way to achieve this is to empty drawers and remove bed linens.

Here’s a 4-step guide for “unloading dressers and taking off bedding”:

  1. Ensure that you have enough space to put everything from the dresser in one location.
  2. Empty all contents of the drawers into bags or containers, double bag them, label them, and place them somewhere for treatment. This will prevent re-infestation.
  3. Carefully remove all bedding from mattresses and box springs. Take extra care when handling them to avoid spreading bugs.
  4. Wash the bedding at high temperatures (between 60-90°C) or dry-clean them before returning back to beds.

Additionally, it’s important to seal any cracks or crevices between walls and floors because these are common hideouts for bed bugs.

To ensure effective extermination, homeowners should take immediate action as soon as they suspect an infestation of emptying their drawers and removing bed linen. Neglecting treatment may result in more significant damage both financially and healthwise.

Take preventive measures by reaching out to professionals who can assess your home’s vulnerability to infestations, identify sources of problems early on, and ultimately implement effective solutions.

Suck those suckers up with your vacuum – Bed Bugs beware!

Vacuum Floors and Upholstery

Removing Bed Bugs’ Dirt From Floor and Upholstery

Vacuuming floors and upholstery is an effective way of getting rid of bed bugs’ dirt. Follow these six steps for a successful vacuuming process:

  1. Use a crevice attachment to clean small places like baseboards, cracks, and crevices.
  2. Remove the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner to get in between mattress seams.
  3. After vacuuming, seal and dispose of vacuum bags outside the house or use a bagless unit that can be emptied outdoors.
  4. Make sure all debris is removed from the brush roll after each cleaning session.
  5. Clean out dust cup and filters regularly to ensure they run efficiently in trapping bed bug debris.
  6. Wash your hands after disposing of the vacuum bags.

It is vital to use hot water and high heat when washing fabrics, as cold temperatures will not kill bed bugs’ eggs or nymphs effectively. It’s best to follow up with a professional pest control company for better eradication.

Don’t allow bed bugs to affect your peace; call The Bugman Pest Control for immediate help trying out their heat treatment approach, which has proved more beneficial than chemical treatments on delicate fabrics and diverse areas.

Ensure you check underneath cushions and around your sleeping areas while following these steps because bed bugs tend to hide in such places. Don’t hesitate to reach out if unsure about anything happening around your home related to pests or rodents as early detection saves costs associated with infestation damages.

Don’t forget to wash your favorite blanket after it becomes a bed bug’s vacation spot.

Wash All Fabrics

To eliminate bed bugs completely in your home, it is necessary to clean all areas thoroughly, including fabrics, and take specific preventive measures. The use of hot water and detergent to wash all fabrics in your home can help eradicate any bed bug infestations that may have embedded themselves within the materials.

Follow these 5 steps to ensure you properly wash all fabrics:

  1. Remove Bedding: Carefully remove the bedding from each infected room and wash these separately.
  2. Wash Affected Items: Select a high temperature setting on your washer and dryer while washing any affected items of clothing or linen.
  3. Double Bag Clothing: If certain linens or clothes cannot be washed with hot water or prefer not to be washed, place them directly into plastic bags until dry.
  4. Handle Linen Safely: When carrying soiled linen outside towards laundry facilities for cleaning, take precautions by keeping them enclosed in bags before removing any linen from inside when in a designated area for washing.
  5. Clean Laundry Area: Following the cleaning of potentially infected clothing, disinfect floors and surfaces surrounding where the washing was carried out.

Furthermore, please note that the above steps should be used in conjunction with other pest control methods such as heat treatment or chemical spraying for washing bed bug infested materials alone may not solve the problem entirely.
Pro Tip: Use a Hypoallergenic detergent when washing fabrics as an additional safety precaution against allergens present in dried fecal matter left behind by infesting bed bugs.

Say goodbye to bed bugs with The Bugman Pest Control’s effective and hassle-free heat treatment approach.

Bed Bug Treatment by The Bugman Pest Control

As someone who has recently dealt with a bed bug infestation, I know how stressful and overwhelming the situation can be. Luckily, I found The Bugman Pest Control Services, who have a thorough and effective approach to bed bug treatment. In this section, we will explore The Bugman‘s approach to bed bug eradication, which utilizes a combination of techniques to ensure complete elimination. We’ll also delve into the benefits of heat treatment versus chemical treatment and how a full home inspection can streamline the eradication process. With The Bugman‘s expertise and attention to detail, bed bug eradication doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

The Bugman‘s Approach to Bed Bug Eradication

The Bugman Pest Control has a unique approach to eradicating bed bugs that sets them apart from other exterminators. Utilizing heat treatment rather than chemical treatments, their approach is safe and effective for eliminating bed bugs in all life stages, including eggs. The Bugman begins by conducting a comprehensive home inspection to locate all infested areas before treating the entire space with high temperatures that kill bed bugs on contact. Their advanced technology and specialized training make them experts in this field.

Additionally, The Bugman‘s approach to bed bug eradication includes emptying drawers and removing bed linens before vacuuming floors and upholstery throughout the affected area. They also recommend moving furniture away from walls to allow access to hidden areas where bed bugs may be hiding. Lastly, after treatment, they advise washing all fabrics and mattresses thoroughly.

Pro Tip: Regular inspections are essential in preventing future infestations of bed bugs.

Say goodbye to bed bugs with heat treatment, without the chemical aftermath.

Benefits of Heat Treatment vs Chemical Treatment

When it comes to eradicating bed bugs, there are a few effective methods used by pest control experts. Analyzing the pros and cons of these methods is crucial before selecting one. Here are some benefits of availing heat treatment over chemical treatment for exterminating bed bugs:

  • Highly effective in eliminating all bed bug life stages including eggs, nymphs and adults.
  • Heat treatment is a non-chemical, eco-friendly process that does not require any toxic chemicals which makes it safer for pets, kids, and elderly people.
  • Heat Treatment is time-efficient since it requires only one application compared to pesticide treatments that may take several weeks or months to completely eradicate the bed bug infestation.

It’s worth noting that using chemical pesticides can be hazardous for human health and the environment if not appropriately used. Moreover, pests might develop resistance to specific chemicals making them ineffective. To exacerbate matters, residual chemicals left after eradication will continue affecting human health long after the service period.

After evaluating all options; Heat Treatment emerges as the viable option being eco-friendly, fast-acting with 100% success rate in exterminating Bed Bugs population.

A full home inspection is crucial in ensuring every nook and cranny is free from these blood-sucking pests.

Bed Bug Focused Full Home Inspection

A comprehensive scrutiny of the entire living space is necessary as it assures a complete extermination of bed bugs. Our expert inspector conducts a Full Home Inspection to identify the infestation’s extent and severity, identify possible hiding places and hotspots, and determine a suitable eradication approach. This inspection includes every corner or crevice in occupancy, including furniture, bedding, mattresses and decorative items such as picture frames.

During the Full Home Inspection, our professionals will inspect ceilings, baseboards and all furniture to ascertain whether they are at risk of harboring bed bugs. The professional will navigate through different rooms to ensure that all probable hiding points are identified since these arthropods can thrive anywhere if not handled thoroughly. This comprehensive examination ensures that nothing is overlooked, ensuring the elimination process’ success.

Our experts conduct a thorough inspection before commencing on any eradicative measure- this enables them to choose an individualized and appropriate approach for Full home Inspection for those inhabitants who have had previous attempts at getting rid of the bed bugs with no success. Therefore, each dwelling attracts unique treatment modalities specific to it.

Don’t let bed bugs bite – call in the expert exterminators to give them a heat treatment they won’t forget.

Our Professional Bed Bug Exterminators

As professional bed bug exterminators, our top priority is to ensure effective eradication of these pesky little creatures. We understand the hassle and frustration that comes with having a bed bug infestation and that is why we take the job so seriously. In this segment, we will give you an insight into our successful bed bug extermination process that has been tested and proven over the years. You can trust that we will leave no stone unturned as we walk you through the processes that guarantees a bed bug-free home.

Successful Bed Bug Extermination Process

Effective Eradication of Bed Bugs

To successfully exterminate bed bugs, it requires a thorough and professional approach. Following our 6-step guide, we have been able to eradicate hundreds of bed bug infestations.

  1. Step 1 – Home Inspection: We conduct a full inspection of the home to identify the level of infestation and breeding grounds of bed bugs.
  2. Step 2 – Preparation: Clear the entire house by removing movable furniture and belongings such as linens, clothes, and other fabrics from all rooms.
  3. Step 3 – Heat Treatment: A proven efficient method is heat treatment. We use specialized equipment to generate high temperatures that exterminate every bed bug in all breeding areas in one go.
  4. Step 4 – Post-Treatment Inspection: After conducting heat treatment at maximum temperature, we search for any surviving pests. Technicians keep tracking any signs of reinfection or reinfestation.
  5. Step 5 – Follow-Up Visit: If there is a sign of reoccurrence, there will be another visit to carry out further treatment until eradication is complete.
  6. Step 6 – Client Education: As an essential part of our work, clients are educated on how to avoid future bed bug infestations through hygiene maintenance at home.

In addition to our steps outlined above, our methods produce long-lasting results within hours and with minimal fuss, making us the perfect choice for effective bed bug pest control.

To prevent severe damage done by these pests, taking immediate action should be your priority! Contact The Bugman Pest Control now for successful bed bug extermination process!

Our Closing Thoughts on Bed Bugs in Calgary

The prevalence of bed bugs in Calgary has become a significant problem, leaving many people struggling to find a lasting solution. After conducting extensive research and analysis, it is evident that the best way to deal with bed bugs is to engage a professional exterminator to conduct a thorough inspection and treatment. This process involves the use of specialized equipment and techniques to eradicate bed bugs, ensuring that your home is free from these pests.

If you have been experiencing bed bug infestation, it is essential to act fast and contact a qualified exterminator to save yourself from the burden of dealing with these disturbing pests. Engaging professionals will not only ensure effective treatment but also prevent the re-infestation of your home or business.

One important consideration when hiring a professional exterminator is their experience in handling bed bugs. A reputable company with several years of experience will likely have a better understanding of the best products and methods to eliminate the pests permanently. Additionally, you should ensure that the company you choose is licensed and has a good track record in dealing with bed bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bed Bugs in Calgary

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are human parasites that make homes in carpeting, bedding, and other areas of the house. They pose a threat to your health and should be removed as quickly as possible.

How do I know if I have bed bugs?

One of the first signs of bed bugs is the appearance of tiny welts or red spots on your skin. You may also notice tiny dark dots on the bedding, which is often fecal matter left by the bugs. Bed bugs can be found throughout your living space, including in the bed, couch cushions, carpets, and even pictures and wall tapestries.

What should I do if I have bed bugs?

If you have signs of bed bugs, take an image of the bugs and search online to confirm the type of pest. Call an expert bed bug exterminator like The Bugman and arrange for a complete removal treatment. Move furniture away from the walls, empty drawers, and remove bed linens to make it easier for the exterminator to treat every room. Vacuum all floors, rugs, bed frame, mattress, and upholstered pieces, and wash or dry clean all clothing and linens after the extermination is completed.

Why are bed bugs dangerous?

Bed bugs are more than an inconvenience and can pose a threat to your health. While they are no more than bothersome for some people, an allergic reaction to bed bugs can be severe.

What bed bug elimination methods does The Bugman Pest Control use?

The Bugman uses the latest in bed bugs heat treatment to effectively eradicate bed bugs. Our approach does not rely on chemicals that could stain furnishings and cause additional problems for you and your family.

Why should I choose The Bugman Pest Control for bed bug extermination in Calgary?

The Bugman Pest Control takes a pragmatic and proactive approach to bed bug extermination that has proven to be successful. We use commercial-grade sprays and offer two to four treatments to completely eliminate bed bugs from your home or business. Our measure of success is total success.