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Bed Bugs in Abbotsford

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Bed bugs are a common pest that can invade any home, regardless of cleanliness or location. Unfortunately, the city of Abbotsford is no exception to this rule. In this article, we’ll discuss bed bug basics, how these pests have become a problem in Abbotsford, and what you can do to protect your home from infestations.

Bed Bug Basics

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small, oval-shaped insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They are nocturnal and are most active during the night, making them difficult to detect. Their reddish-brown color and flat bodies allow them to hide easily in small crevices, such as seams of mattresses and furniture.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed, while younger bed bugs, known as nymphs, are smaller and can be difficult to see with the naked eye. Bed bugs can be identified by their reddish-brown color, oval-shaped bodies, and wingless appearance. They may leave behind small, dark fecal spots on bedding, mattresses, or nearby walls.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers and can be transported unknowingly in luggage, clothing, and other personal items. They can also travel between adjacent apartments or rooms through cracks in walls and floors. Bed bugs can be introduced into your home through second-hand furniture, clothing, or other items that may have been infested.

Bed Bug Infestations in Abbotsford

Why Abbotsford?

Abbotsford, like many cities, has experienced an increase in bed bug infestations in recent years. This could be attributed to increased travel, population density, and the spread of bed bugs through shared housing and public spaces. Unfortunately, this means that residents of Abbotsford need to be vigilant in protecting their homes from these unwelcome pests.

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How to Detect Bed Bugs in Your Abbotsford Home

Early detection of bed bugs is essential to prevent larger infestations. Signs of bed bug activity include:

  1. Small, red, itchy bites on your skin, often in a line or cluster
  2. Tiny, dark fecal spots on bedding, mattresses, or walls
  3. Small, shed exoskeletons or tiny white eggs in seams and crevices of your mattress or furniture
  4. A musty, sweet odor in your bedroom, which is emitted by the bed bugs’ scent glands
  5. If you suspect bed bug activity in your home, it’s important to conduct a thorough inspection of your bedroom and other areas where you or your family members sleep.

Prevention and Control Measures

Keeping Your Home Clean

Although bed bugs can infest even the cleanest of homes, maintaining a clean living space can help reduce hiding spots for these pests. Regularly vacuuming your floors, furniture, and mattresses can help remove any bed bugs, their eggs, and fecal matter. Washing your bedding, curtains, and clothing in hot water and drying them on high heat can also kill bed bugs.

Regular Inspections

Conducting regular inspections of your home, especially after traveling or having guests stay over, can help catch bed bug infestations early. Check your mattress, box spring, and bed frame for signs of bed bugs, and inspect other furniture, carpets, and walls as well.

Protective Measures for Travelers

When traveling, take precautions to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you. Inspect your hotel room for signs of bed bugs, and keep your luggage off the floor and away from the bed. Upon returning home, wash and dry all of your clothing on high heat, and vacuum your luggage thoroughly.

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Bed Bug Treatment Options

DIY Treatment Methods

If you discover a minor bed bug infestation in your home, there are some DIY treatment methods you can try. These include:

  1. Vacuuming the affected areas thoroughly to remove bed bugs, their eggs, and fecal matter
  2. Washing all infested items in hot water and drying them on high heat
  3. Encasing your mattress and box spring in bed bug-proof covers
  4. Applying diatomaceous earth or other bed bug-specific pesticides to cracks and crevices where bed bugs may be hiding

Keep in mind that DIY treatment methods may not always be effective, especially for larger infestations.

Professional Abbotsford Pest Control Services

For more severe bed bug infestations or if DIY methods have been unsuccessful, hiring a professional pest control service is the best course of action. Professionals in Abbotsford have the tools, knowledge, and experience to effectively treat your home and eliminate bed bug infestations.


Abbotsford residents should be aware of the risk of bed bug infestations and take appropriate measures to prevent and treat them. By staying vigilant, maintaining a clean home, and seeking professional help when necessary, you can protect your home from these unwelcome pests.


Can bed bugs cause diseases?

While bed bugs can cause itchy bites and allergic reactions, they are not known to transmit diseases to humans.

How long do bed bugs live?

Bed bugs can live for up to 10 months to a year, depending on factors like temperature and food availability.

Can bed bugs jump or fly?

No, bed bugs cannot jump or fly. They crawl to move from place to place.

Are bed bug infestations a sign of poor hygiene?

Bed bugs can infest any home, regardless of cleanliness. However, maintaining a clean living space can help reduce hiding spots for bed bugs.

How can I prevent bed bugs from coming back after treatment?

After a successful bed bug treatment, continue to maintain a clean home, regularly inspect for signs of bed bugs, and take precautions when traveling to prevent reinfestations. By staying informed and proactive, you can minimize the risk of bed bugs returning to your home. Consider implementing preventive measures like inspecting second-hand items before bringing them into your home and using mattress encasements to create a barrier against bed bugs.